Showcase your style, your interests, and your personality with a senior portrait session from Northern Colorado’s Leave A Mark Media.

Hannah, Fort Collins High School 

A Bespoke Senior Portrait Experience!

As a photograph I believe the experience, the process, and the relationships is integral to create original and impactful senior portraits. So, I  don’t do mini-sessions, I don’t cut corners, I don’t create the same photograph over and over again, because that’s just boring and you deserve something special! Rather, I spend hours crafting a bespoke portrait experience that will be unique to you. Prior to every senior session I scout locations, create design boards, plan lighting, and draft poses all with you in mind. And when you choose Leave A Mark Media, two sessions at two different locations is standard. This gives you more time to become comfortable in front of the camera, it gives you more choices for different looks and locations, and it gives us multiple opportunities to shoot together and create a connection

For over ten years I coached and taught at the high school level, and I have to say that of all the different types of portraiture I get to do and the different groups of people I get to work with, I have to say that working with senior is by far my favorite. I love getting to interact with you as you are about to transition into adult hood and getting to know your personality. I love the challenge of capturing your personality, your interests, and your style in a single image. And most of all, I love creating works of art that are exactly what you were looking for and hopefully a source of enormous pride.

Adam, Fossil Ridge High School

The Senior Portrait Process

The Prep

Ok, so after seeing some of my work and reading about the tailored portrait experience that I offer my clients, I hope that you are interested. So, what’s next? Well, before we sign any contracts, I like to meet in person to ensure that we will be a good fit. This is a great opportunity for me to tell you about my style and my process and for you to start telling me about your vision for your senior portraits. We’ll talk, look at some samples, and peruse the schedule. Afterwards, I’ll send you a booking proposal through your online client portal, and upon signing, we’ll be off and running. Next, we’ll discuss and I’ll provide recommendations and design boards for locations, wardrobe, and posing.  A few weeks prior to our shoots, I’ll provide guides on what to expect and how to prepare.

The Shoots

During the shoots, I’ll pre-plan lighting, location, and posing scenes and guide you through all of the above. Most importantly, we’ll chat, laugh, get ridiculous, and have a great time. My sessions always include using some artificial (flash) lighting. This ensures that you have perfect light on you , makes your eyes stand out, and allows us to use natural lighting to make the location come to life. We’ll capture both candid and posed shots; headshots, ½ length, ¾ length, and full length portraits; and we'll tell a great story through lighting, wardrobe, and posing.

The Post Process        

Three days after your second shoot I’ll send you your digital proof gallery through your client portal. Here you’ll select your favorites to be edited. In portrait photography, we often call editing “retouching.” The retouching process is super involved and often taken up to or over an hour for each photograph. During this process I’ll fix any skin problems, fly away hairs, gentlemen – I can give you a shave, and I’ll enhance the colors, lighting, and all other aspects of the photo to make the image come to life. Personally, I believe the retouching process is as much an art-form and personalized process as taking the photos, so I always do it myself, and never batch edit any senior portraits. Some photographers will offer you upwards of 60 “edited” photographers. What this usually means is that they batch edited the photos without diving into the nuance of each image. The level of detail that I provide and the time that it takes is why I only sell individual edited images.  After 3-4 weeks, your images will be available, at which point I’ll you have the opportunity to order prints, and I’ll upload your selection to your school’s yearbook. All-in-all it’s a two to three month process and afterwards we’ll have created some incredible portraits together.

Senior Portrait Packages

Starting at $300

Includes design consultation, two multi-look 60-90 minute sessions with studio lighting at Leave A Mark studios or at the locations of your choosing, an online proof gallery, and three full resolution professionally retouched digital images. Additional image packages start at $75 and print packages start at $100.